Terms & Conditions of Trade

Unless expressly altered or modified in writing the following terms and conditions of sale of W. Wiggins Ltd (hereinafter called “The Supplier”) apply to quotations given or sales effected, and shall be deemed incorporated in and form part of the contract:


Payment nett 20th of the following month


No property title or ownership in the products supplied herewith shall pass to the purchaser until full payment is received by the supplier for the goods.


(a) No liability of any kind whatsoever can be accepted by the Supplier arising from the products supplied, except for materials proved to the satisfaction of the Supplier to be defective in which case liability is limited to twice the cost only of such material.

(b) The Supplier will not accept liability for consequential damage or loss arising out of use of the goods supplied and for any other loss or damage whatsoever


Any claims must be notified in writing to The Supplier within 30 (thirty) days of the receipt of the product, time being of the essence in this regard.

(5) PRIVACY ACT 1993

Under the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993, we are required to advise to our Credit Customers that, as a condition of our trade, we retain the right (and it is our normal practice) to seek credit information on Credit Customers from our Credit Reference Agents and in the case of debtors who fail to meet their obligation, to provide detail of the debtor and the debts to our Credit Reference and Debt Collection Agents.