About Us

W Wiggins Limited was established back in 1866, as a saddlery and leather business in Lower Hutt by the founder William Wiggins. Today W Wiggins is the leading supplier of industrial textiles and outdoor fabrics and has offices in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. New Zealand’s oldest privately owned company, W Wiggins prides itself on its excellent service, superior industry knowledge, and a large range of top-quality products (over 4,000 variants and colours to choose from).

W Wiggins has a wide variety of woven and coated synthetic fabrics sourced from both the global and domestic markets which, in conjunction with the appropriate componentry are sold to the marine, transport, awning and shade, apparel, agriculture, interior, and exterior design and the general canvas market.

With a strong eye to the future, W Wiggins is now also beginning to operate in the architecture and commercial design industries, which offer the company different avenues to grow, enabling us to continue to expand our product offerings to customers. W Wiggins is committed to supporting and growing our customers through innovation and a continued passion to better the industry we all operate in.